Prof. Dr. Drs. Eddy Heraldy, M.Si.

Position                   :  Profesor

NIP                           : 19640305 200003 1002

Email                       :

Field Expertise       : Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis

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Selected Paper

2020. Methyl-3-(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl amino)-3-phenylpropanoate Based Colorimetric Sensor for Oxyanions. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 2-: 257-263. 

2018. Fe/Indonesian Natural Zeolite as Hydrodeoxygenation Catalyst in Green Diesel Production from Palm Oil. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 13: 245-255.

2021. The Effect Of Synthesis And Activation Methods On The Character Of CoMo/Ultra Stable YZeolite Catalyst. Open Chemistry, 19: 745-754. 

2021. Hydrodeoxygenation of Anisole and Benzaldehyde Over Bifunctional CoMo/USY Catalyst. Key Engineering Materials, 884: 109-116.

2019. Composite Material Consisting of HKUST-1 and Indonesian Activated Natural Zeolite and its Application in CO2 Capture. Open Chemistry, 17: 1279-1287. 

2019. Fabrication Of Mg-Zn-Al Hydrotalcite And Its Application For pb2+ emoval. Acta Polytechnica Journal Of Advanced Engineering, 59: 260-271.  

2019. The Effect Of Modifying Shellac With Citric Acid On The Physicochemical Properties Of Sh-Bg Biocomposite. Asian Journal of Chemistry, 32: 13-16.  

2018. Biosorbent from tomato waste and apple juice residue for lead removal. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6: 1201-1208



2017. Manufacture of Hydrotalcite-like Compounds from Brine Water for Catalysts for Transesterification of Palm Oil Into Biodiesel 

2018. Process Of Making Liquid Fuel From Biomass